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We started off by simply wanting more peace

I’m Trey Markel and I am the founder of Keep the Peace.  I founded KTP because I witnessed first hand how little peace a lot of people have within themselves.  The Keep the Peace brand is not just about peace vs violence.  The brand is about the peace that you have the ability to find within yourself.  It’s OK to feel how you feel, believe what you believe, live how you want to live, but can you do it with peace in your heart, peace in your mind, and peace in your life?  I have discovered that peace can be found in so many different ways.  Where do you find your peace and how can you help others find theirs?  This is how I do it.  Check out our causes and our brand and no matter what happens, Always Keep the Peace.

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 To Help You Find Peace So You Can Help Others Find Theirs

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